Sunday, 9 August 2015

Across continents

This took much longer than anticipated – apologies. Technical difficulties. In the process of editing the original video and dividing it up into several parts, we lost Part IV – the final session. Not to be deterred, we did it all over again – this time, across continents and via Skype. It’s not flawless, but we have our Part IV! [Watch here.]

Trying to figure out how to record a Skype video call was too much wahala for both of us, so we had my son figure it out and then do the editing. The image is blurry on my sister’s end for the first few minutes, but it eventually clears up.

In this final part of the YouTube series, I ask my sister a few more questions. AND, I end with a surprise for Nairobi-based viewers: If you live in Nairobi and would like to receive a free copy of C.C. Adetula’s book, The Perfect Girl, The Prostitute, and Other Stories, send me an email at I only have two copies left, so the first two people to email me will get them as soon as possible.

Have a good evening!


  1. One down, one to go! One lucky, Nairobi-based person is receiving a free copy of The Perfect Girl today. I have one more copy left. If you live in Nairobi and would like a copy, email me at

  2. And the last copy of The Perfect Girl is now gone! Thank you for participating.