Wednesday, 1 January 2014

It’s here

Nara ekene na otito
Nara ekene na otito
Nara ekene na otito
Nara mbuli elu …

[Translation, in summary: ‘Receive thanks and praise; receive exaltation.’)

That’s the song that came to me when I woke up this morning. It was just ringing in my ears and so I got up and sang it and sang and sang it. I literally had to force myself to stop. It feels so good to sing.

What a beautiful New Year’s morning this is! The sun is shining and I can hear birds chirping and the majestic church bells chiming from the Catholic Church in my neighborhood.

Of the many text messages I’ve received this morning wishing me a Happy New Year, one captured my sentiments completely. ‘Phew!’ it said. ‘We made it!’


My sentiments exactly.

I worked myself to the bone in 2013. Harder than any other year. I guess I keep saying that every year, but it’s always true. Each year seems to require more of me. I worked up until yesterday and I can now finally take a bit of time off. So, PHEW!

An incredibly busy year, but also an extremely rewarding year. I can honestly say that I got out of 2013 what I put into it, and I’m very grateful to God for His grace.

Sometimes in 2013, I’ve had to work so hard that I wanted to cry. I just never seemed to find the time to, though. It was that tough sometimes. Now that I have some time, maybe I will (if I still feel like it)!

Is this what it takes, Lord? I asked many times in 2013. I didn’t know that it had to be so hard sometimes.

This week, I read something that Laurieann Gibson said. I regret not saving it because I don’t remember the exact words and can’t find them even though I’ve spent the last hour searching. She said something like, “Until you come back empty at the end of the day, you have not put in a day’s work.” Something along those lines. This statement really resonates with me because that is often how I feel by the time I get home for the day – like I’ve poured out everything I have to give.

For the longest time, I have thought that this had to be abnormal. But when I examine the lives of people that have made a difference, that did anything great, or excelled at anything, I realize that it’s actually the norm. Other quotes (tweets) from the inspiring Laurieann Gibson are as follows:

You can’t get around working hard in this game and when u stay committed, success will come!

Rehearsal hard sweat blood tears … Brings out da best.

I work hard cause that’s what it takes

That’s what it takes.

In 2013, I was more fearless (or less fearful). I fought battles – boy, did I fight in 2013. I fought and I prayed and I thought outside the box. I was humbled in 2013 by the fact that I didn’t always know all the answers. Those humbling experiences made me open up my little box and think more expansively. I teased out the stuff that wasn’t working and hunted doggedly for real solutions. … And I experienced the sweet victory of winning.

My faith has been strengthened. I’ve gotten to know new dimensions of myself. I didn’t realize what I was capable of if I only submitted myself to some serious stretching. I know more than ever that I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. I know more than ever that God is mighty.

But I’m tired.

Thank you, Lord, for a little bit of time for refreshing.

And the year 2014 is finally here.

I plan to walk into it with joy, faith, and courage.

Too legit to quit.

Have a Happy New Year.

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